Emergency Evac Procedures may request personal, accounting, or other details from any clients and prospective clients from time to time for various reasons including creating accounts, and forwarding correspondence. Any information collected from clients and prospective clients by Emergency Evac Procedures is for the sole use of Emergency Evac Procedures and Emergency Evac Procedures companies, and will be used for the purpose of billing and account transactions, new product developments, and for providing clients and potential clients with new products and services offers.


Emergency Evac Procedures will take reasonable steps to ensure that any information collected by Emergency Evac Procedures about clients and prospective clients is stored in a safe and secure manner, and availability and access to this information will be to those within Emergency Evac Procedures who require access to this information for the sole purposes of those outlined above.


If any clients or prospective clients are using services provided by Emergency Evac Procedures for the purpose of any illegal activity, or to cause harm to Emergency Evac Procedures or others, or Emergency Evac Procedures has reason to believe that any clients or prospective clients are conspiring to do any of the above, Emergency Evac Procedures, under the laws of the governing country where the threat or activity is in question, will disclose the information about the clients or potential clients to the relevant party or government agency to bring legal action upon or to stop the clients or potential clients from continuing the threat or activity.

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